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Dancers who wish to begin Demonstrating or Assisting may apply to the GuiDANCE Program.  Dancers will learn and experience the techniques of teaching and advanced training.  Students must be enrolled in the genre they wish to assist in for a minimum of 2 years prior to applying.  Dancers must observe a high standard of dance class etiquette and studio respect as role models to the younger generation of dancers.  Dancers will also receive Dance Pedagogy lessons periodically throughout the year. If interested in GuiDANCE please contact the studio



 minimum requirement of 7 years old 

Dancers may be invited to be in the Festival or Competition programs to increase their performance experience and training .  Dancers who display strong technique, self-motivation and dedication may be eligible to compete in group routines, duets or solos.  Festival classes are listed as *F and Competition classes are listed as *C on the schedule, students enrolled in these classes are required to attend the selected Festivals and/or Competitions in the Spring.

Please speak with your child’s instructor for the best options and growth for your dancer.


Dancers who have a strong desire to perform and love to be in the spotlight may join the Connectivity Crew Community Performance Team.   Dancers as young as 8 years may join this team. Dancers must be enrolled in a full year performance class and maintain a high level of commitment for rehearsal and performance schedules. Involvement in performances and demonstration classes at various community events in Leduc and area throughout the year.  Dancers are expected to maintain a high standard of professionalism as ambassadors of the dance school.

Contact the studio for a rehearsal and performance schedule if interested

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